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We have our own in-house welding service covering MMA (AKA ‘Stick’ or ‘Arc’ welding) as well as specialist TIG welding (DC welding only so only steel not alloy at present) and can also spot welding steel panels (for repair of classic scooter floor area).

A customer with a Chinese ‘cruiser style’ m/c came in to have a broken footboard mount repaired afer it fell off! The original design relied on internally threaded ‘posts’ with no end plate to take the full load of the riders foot...


The repair started with changing the design to a better support by cutting/drilling a end plate from flat bar stock, which was then MMA welded on to the end of the worn ‘posts’ (their internal threading had also stripped’!), a couple of bolts (with nuts to protect the exposed threads) were TIG tack welded in place then MMA welded. Following the welding the head of the bolts were cut off and end finished to leave two threaded studs enabling the footboard to be fitted back, this time well supported against the new back plate, held in place with nuts.


The repair to the left involved several stages starting with MMA weld ‘build up’ repair to worn areas of a motocrosser side stand.

This job also included (not shown) fabrication a new mount bracket area, which had to be TIG and MMA welded on to frame after rusted & worn sections were removed.

The new stand bracket was high frequency pulse TIG welded in place to complete this part of the restoration while controlling the heat input to avoid the risk of distortion to the repaired frame.